With the modular boarding from SEPCOURT sports and playing together becomes even more fun!

A great tool to divide your playground into zones

The colorful, resin elements can be placed on every surface in different setups. Around sportcourts, in a circle as a tree bench or outdoor class, in a square or rectangle. The boarding also acts as seating element for players and audience and the balls remain better within the sports court.     

Balls does not get stuck because of the rounded corners and even sides. This is a fantastic fence for football, hockey and floorball and a safer alternative to steel or concrete boarding.

This modular system offers a suitable solution for every location.

dimensions and material

The SEP Sports Boarding consists of one straight part of 100 x 50 x 33 cm of 13 kg and one curved corner part 12 kg. A circle of Ø 360 cm is formed by 12 curved parts.

This very robust and vandal-proof boarding elements become coupled with connection part. After placement, the elements can be filled with water up to 65 liters.



quick & easy installation

This modular boarding system is very quick too install, no groundwork is needed such as with the installation of regular fencing. The SEP Sports Boarding can be done on concrete or asphalt placed but also on (artificial) grass or the also modular outdoor sports floor SEPCOURT.

Environmentally friendly & durable

We use the Cradle to Cradle principle in the development of our products. Everything is produced in the Netherlands and is fully recyclable.


sepcourt honeycom seats

Time to chill and relax after an exercise of sports game. Also our honeycomb shaped benches have a modular character. Big enough to sit on with 2 people at the same time.

Easy to install, just put the seats at right spot and fill with water. One seat filled with water weight up to 95 kg. Made of recycled resin with a soft touch, safe and durable and no maintenance.


Standard color options 

The hexogon shape,with a height of 50 cm and width of 62 cm, can be placed in numerous combinations.

Custom made

For a school in Rotterdam we adapted the colors of the boarding and seats to the colors of the school logo:
Orange, dark blue, sky blue and ligth granite.